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Just as putting together pieces of your music in an album,  

you can also manage your lyrics in album files here.  

You can create as many albums as you like, each album  

can contain any number of titles. Individual titles can be  

deleted or copied into other albums. This allows you to  

create an album for drafts and ideas only for instance  

and then move the completed title into a target album.  

Content of any dictionaries can be transferred straight into  

your lyrics. Simply by clicking the dictionaries' Collect  

Button the current entry will immediately be copied  

into the 'Collection' of the current title.  

Export in txt format for transfer into word processing  

programs is a given and your already existing lyrics can  

be imported in TXT format or inserted from the clipboard.  

The album file is continuously saved and a complete  

back-up file is generated on closing which if needed,  

opens the same way as the original.  

While working on your lyrics all changes via mouse or  

keyboard are secured by the Lyrics Recorder. Accidental  

deleting of a complete set of lyrics or parts thereof is  

pretty much impossible!  


Each print of your lyrics contains a complete title head  

with the most important information.


Here you will find more than 132.000 selected English 'lines  

and samples' which makes it one of the most comprehensive  

works of its kind.  

The integrated search and filter functions are not offered by  

any other software so far. The row-oriented database is  

completely sub-sorted. This means that all entries are  

always sorted according to syllables. 

With help of the input function words and whole sentences 

can be transferred from other dictionaries and looked up  


The last word in a row can automatically be filtered out.    

The complete Rhyming Words Dictionary including    

180.000 terms is integrated as a key word list.    

In the event of being unable to find a key word that way,   

IPA (= intelligent phonetic algorithm) will be activated.   

It is able to identify fitting rhyming phrases even when    

you are using specific terms, brand names, neologisms   

and slang words as key words.    

For particular rhyme schemes such as ABAB for instance,   

rhymes for the A part as well as for the B part can be    

displayed simultaneously. Furthermore, combining 2 rhyme   

dictionaries allows for the simultaneous presentation of  

various sorting orders and syllable settings.


This unusual dictionary in its current version contains more  

than 106.000 selected English phrases. You are able to look for 

individual words as well as word combinations which will then 

be listed in a sub-sorted way.  

The presentation of a key word with numerous different  

meanings often provides new stimulation and more often than 

not also totally new impulses and turns to continue  

developing the lyrics. If you don't really have any ideas yet,  

you can make use of the functions Random Word or  

Random Phrases, turn the Output Function on and at the  

same time use the Rhyming Phrases and the Rhyming Words 



This English dictionary contains more than 180.000 carefully 

selected English terms. All entries are sorted by number of  

syllables and within these sub-sorted phonetically by the  

last 3 syllables. Within this process of sorting every day  

terms are allocated high up (the best Rhyming Dictionary  

on the market). Phonetically matching words are  

highlighted in blue which allows you to always find the  

perfect rhyme straight up (A-Rhymes). Each rhyme word 

list is cross-referenced with similar sounding words up to 

3 times (B-Rhymes), consequently enormously expanding 

your choice. IPA (= intelligent phonetic algorithm) also 

allows you to find key words not covered in the  


For particular rhyme schemes such as ABAB for instance,  

rhymes for the A part as well as for the B part can be  

displayed simultaneously. Furthermore, combining 2 rhyme  

encyclopedias allows for the simultaneous presentation of 

various sorting orders and syllable settings.


The Alphabetic Dictionary English contains more than 244.000  

English terms and combinations that can be sorted  

alphabetically forwards (A-Z) and backwards (Z-A). 

There are many opportunities for the Input function that is 

linked to other components to provide additional variations to 

arrange your lyrics in a more polished way. 


The component Internet Dictionaries makes available a  

remarkable tool. Currently there are more than 70 URLs  

listed to the best online dictionaries, offering you 

immediate access to their content.  

Each current, chosen entry in LyriCreator is automatically  

transferred to this component. A single mouse click will  

send the required URL to your browser. Without further  

action the browser will open with the already looked up  

key word, no matter whether they are synonyms,  

antonyms, rhymes, related words, translations or  

definitions. A rather unlimited huge selection!  

All at the LyriCreator, just a mouse click away.  

At regular intervals we check the currency of the URLs.  

In case of technical changes at an online dictionary  

provider, appropriate adjustments will be made and an  

update for the component will be made available.  

Note: the ongoing availability of the currently listed  

online dictionaries cannot be guaranteed. In the event of  

a provider withdrawing their services from the internet,  

we will aim to find an equivalent replacement.



This component offers immediate access to the most

important Windows audio programs. By clicking REC with

your mouse the Windows Audio Recorder is ready to start

recording a spontaneous idea of a melody or to test out

new lyrics to a song.

To administer your audio files a separate folder has been

set up. PLAY opens this folder to let you chose a file

which will then immediately be played via Media Player.

The VOL button opens the Windows volume control.


The LyriCreator Reader opens with a welcome page.