PAGE A400     System requirements and installation instructions!

lyricreator software for songwriter, lyricists, poets poetry slammer and creative writer rhyming phrases dictionary

Operating systems:      

Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows 7

Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher recommended)

Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 recommended)



Processor performance:    

1 GB or more main memory  

Processor rate minimum of 1200 MHz  

1000 MB accessible ROM for LyriCreator  

1500 MB accessible ROM for LyriCreator TWIN EDITION  



Screen resolution

min. 1280×800  


File size: approx. 157 MB   





Installation for Windows 7 and Windows 8


Installation on a limited user account is possible. LyriCreator can be operated on all user accounts for which it was installed.

You have set up an administrator account as well as a limited user account on your computer and you wish LyriCreator to be used on the limited user account in the future?    

To do so, please execute the installation on the limited user account. You will require the administrator’s password during the installation process.    



Installation for Windows XP

Windows XP only permits installation on user accounts with administrator rights.

The operation of LyriCreator

on a limited user account is of course possible. Only that administrator rights have to be given during the installation process, these can be withdrawn once the installation is completed.

After installation and on initial launch of a component its work files are automatically decompressed and indexed.    

For some components this process may take a few minutes, for instance with respect to the Phrase Dictionary English. (At times the processing window may disappear, the process will nonetheless be correctly executed!) The decompressing is completed when the start window of the component is displayed within the Reader’s work space.    

You can get to know the various English and German components of LyriCreator with the current trial versions.    

All products with executable files downloaded from our server are digitally signed. They contain a certificate ensuring that no file changes have occurred post release and therefore are free from malware.