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Rhyming Dictionaries 



Lines and words can be transferred into the Editor via drag & drop as well as the  

copy/paste function 


Double-clicking a word within the Editor will automatically look it up in the 



For verses of the rhyming pattern ABAB, rhymes for 'A' and 'B' can be displayed 



Collect Function 


Mix Function 







Phrases Dictionaries 


Perfect way to supply ideas for the first line and all non-rhyming lines 

Many lines are suitable as song titles applicable to the creative  

method 'Writing from the title'  


Searching for lines containing particular key words  


Displaying all lines for a randomly selected word displaying random lines  


Collect Function

A video by Pat Pattison addressing the topic 'Writing from the title' can be found at the end of this website. 








Alphabetic Dictionaries 



Forward sorting of all lines and words in alphabetic order   


Backward sorting of all lines and words in alphabetic order   


Collect Function   







Internet Dictionaries Application 



more than 30 of the best online dictionaries can be utilized while writing lyrics 


look up words in the selected online dictionary straight from the Editor 


immediate connection of the Editor to all offline dictionaries via  

Output/Input function 









Album Editor  


Well structured administration of all lyrics, ideas and collections within one database 


Dag & drop functionality  


Immediate connection to dictionaries via Output/Input function 


Automatic back-ups 


Export Function in RTF format 











                                               Writing from the Title                                                         Writing Fearlessly



                                                             Pat Pattison 


                       2 videos about songwriting tools and rhyming dictionaries  


                                                          complete videos on YouTube here and here 


                                                                                             Pat Pattison website 


                                                            Download free trial version of LyriCreator