PAGE A300     Updates for LyriCreator's Components - How it works!

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When updating components we simply exchange OLD for NEW.      

This is how it works:      


Step 1:     close LyriCreator if running     



Step 2:     delete the previous version from the standard folder      

                         .../documents/LyriCreator Components/Library MAIN      


Step 3:     copy the new components from the downloaded zip file into the folder      

                         .../documents/LyriCreator Components/Library MAIN          


That's it!      



In case you have chosen a different library to the .../Library MAIN, please alter the path accordingly.      

On initial launch of a Component its work files are set up automatically.      

The Reader automatically administers the licenses, no later licensing is necessary.      

The size of the download does not equate to the size of memory required on the hard disk      

In general, memory of around 120 MB should be available per Component.